The KFA is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, with a wealth of experience that combines to provide a veritable smörgåsboard of expertise. As an organisation without a building, our overheads are minimal, ensuring that fundraising can be primarily project-focussed.

Core running costs (web hosting, stationary, coffee) are currently funded by voluntary donations from members, with the intention that as much of the KFA's money as possible goes towards our charitable aims. Our crowdfunding campaign on  was set up to raise a pot of money for the inaugural award in 2015 and successfully raised just over £5000. The money all went towards achieving a successful first award project with Uliana Apatina. Future awards and activities may be funded in a similar way, through grants and support from other bodies, or through collaboration with other organisations. We know that the most valuable asset we have is the generosity and commitment of individuals who share our passion and energy.

The KFA hopes that the projects and people selected for the award will benefit not just the recipients but the creative communities built around them. Donors to the charity will be able to see the results achieved from donations in the award projects which may be exhibitions, concerts, visiting artists, artists in residence or other less predictable forms.

It is through the kindness, generosity and the depth of your pocket that The Kim Fielding Award is allowed to continue the unforgettable legacy of our beloved unKle. Through promoting, experimenting, and coagulating with new and innovative arts practices, we aim to help build an exciting and provocative future.

Thank you all. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch.