Those of you who spent any time at tactileBOSCH or working with Kim may recall the messages of encouragement left on Post-It notes or scraps of card ripped from tea bag boxes. Usually jovial, often indecipherable, and always signed off 'x The Management', Kim's scrawlings amused and inspired us.

Today, the KFA management is made up of friends, family and peers of Kim trying to 'fill the yawning gap' (another Kim-ism) with a fitting and sustainable legacy project. Legally incorporated as a small charity, the KFA has at its foundation a group of members, who support and are served by a number of unpaid trustees.

The trustees' remit is to administrate and manage the organisation of the KFA, to respond to the needs of its members and make sure the charity is doing what it was set up to do. Between them they have a wealth of experience across the arts, as well as in the voluntary sector and in education, and a broad range of skills and perspectives that ensure the KFA is run professionally and dynamically.



  • Sam Aldridge |

  • Phil Babot |

  • Tom Belton |

  • Jan Bennett |

  • Tim Bromage |

  • Andrew Cooper |

  • Tereza De Arruda |

  • Matt Duncan |

  • Ed Elliot |

  • Chris Lledrod Evans |

  • Ruby Fox |

  • Emma Geliot |

  • Beth Greenhalgh |

  • Paul Hurley |

  • Simon Mitchell |

  • Chris Moore |

  • Iwan ap Huw Morgan |

  • Neil Pedder |

  • Karl Price |

  • Sara Rees |

  • Helene Roberts |

  • Susan Roberts |

  • Madoc Roberts |

  • Yusuf Rustem |

  • Terhi Sallinen |

  • Alyson Simkins |

  • Elizabeth Waterhouse